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With over twenty years of digital marketing experience and public relations in Spokane, Operation Reputation manages your image and messaging using Social Media, Online Reviews, Media Relations and Crisis Communications.  

From Social Media to Media Relations -
Full Digital Public Relations for Spokane and North Idaho

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With over twenty years digital marketing experience in Spokane, Washington and north Idaho, Operation Reputation knows how to help your business share its unique mission and personality.  Spokane public relations used to be easy.  When we needed to share with our community we reached out with a press release and called the Spokesman or local Spokane television stations.  Our channels to communicate with the Spokane  community are now extremely diverse.  Social media, pay-per click advertising and on demand video  platforms like Youtube provide dynamic ways to engage with our customers and community while also injecting an element of complexity most businesses don’t have the time or knowledge to manage.  

In addition to the constantly changing online media platforms, recent surveys show Spokane businesses are more dependent on online reviews to retain and drive new clients to their doors than ever.  At Operation Reputation we can offer both technology and marketing solutions that allow your business to generate more and better online reviews.  In short, online reviews are a growing part of your public relations mix.

Public Relations

In good times we help you share your victories, while in challenging times we clarify, protect and promote your reputation. Additionally, we focus on communications and positioning your brand to be proactive in anticipating communication opportunities while providing impactful public relations to Spokane, North Idaho or across the globe.

Social Media

Social media management enables you to engage with your community in a meaningful and nurturing relationship. Social Media advertising allows you to find, segment and communicate with your target audience with more precision than other mediums. Social Media provides an incredible opportunity to communicate with your customers.

Review Management

Many Spokane businesses live in fear of receiving negative reviews or no reviews. Operation Reputation provides proven automation for online review management that helps you manage customer feedback and generate online reviews. Review management is an essential tool in your public relations toolbox.

Crisis Communications

We live in an age where bad news travels fast. Publishers like news channels, websites, social media and blogs depend on tragedy and drama to retain viewership. Has your operation developed a crisis communications plan? While no company wants a crisis, failure to plan could result in a public relations nightmare.

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