Creating your Face Book Ads and Social Media Strategy

As seen in the above infographic, it’s important to have a social media strategy in place prior to planning and launching your Facebook Ads campaign.  At Operation Reputation we begin with seven steps:

1.  Facebook ads provide excellent targeting and audience segmentation.  So who is your target audience?

Don’t make a huge mistake! Many businesses dive into Facebook ads and other social media without defining their target. It is mission critical to define precisely who you want to connect with. Who is your customer and on which social media platforms you will find them?

2. Define content your Facebook ads audience interested in?

Identify types of content your target audience wants? What topics are “trending?” Who are the influencers that your audience follow?

3.  In addtion to Facebook ads, select the other appropriate social media platforms

Which social media platforms does your Facebook ads target audience use? Fish where the fish are!

4.  What’s going to be in your social media content library?

It’s important to have engaging content that appeals to your target audience.  (Do you notice a trend? We’re focusing on your target audience with each action we take!)  How will we get content?  Have we identified who will shoot the video? Who will write the articles? Will in-house designers or outsourced designers create the graphics? What content will engage your audience?

5.  Plan your content with a content calendar.

When will content be deployed and on what platforms?  How many posts will you post and when will you deploy Facebook ads?

6.  Promote and invest in your Facebook ads and social media strategy

As with most marketing efforts, you will require a bit of promotion. That promotion comes in the form of social media advertising and establishing a budget to boost your social media content.

7.  Your ready to launch your Facebook Ads and improve your social media presence

You’re now ready to review, test and optimize what’s working best on your social media profiles.

Operation Reputation – Over Twenty Years of Online Marketing Experience

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