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A Social Marketing Agency that Delivers Results!

Did you know that advertising with a social marketing agency is an incredible opportunity for your business?

  1. People spend a long time on Facebook.  The average user on Facebook spends about 41 minutes per day.
  2. Targeting an exact audience is Facebook’s largest draw for advertisers.  It’s not hard to imagine how much Facebook knows about its 1.4 billion daily users.  Advertisers can use that knowledge to place their advertisements in front of the right people at the right time. 
  3.  Facebook advertising is affordable and easy to measure.
  4.  Facebook can deliver potential clients in several ways.  For example; leads can be gathered through forms on Facebook or directly to websites or landing pages.
  5.  Advertisers can share their messages via images, image carousels or video.
  6. Advertisers can also broadcast “live” to prospective clients.

Now is the perfect time to engage a social media agency !  Let Operation Reputation craft a social media advertising campaign that shares your brand and services with the right people at the right time.  Talk to a social media advertising expert today and learn how easy it is to get started!

There's a Difference Between Social Media Advertising and Social Media Management

Social media management provides you the ability to engage with your community in a meaningful and nurturing relationship.  The primary function of a Social Marketing Agency and day to day account management is the gathering of quality content (text, images & video).  Content that resinates with your audience and engages them with your company.  Of course this content is dictated and focused based on solid strategy.  Check out our latest infographic on creating an excellent social media strategy.  

In addition to client acquisition, social media management provides real-time communication and is a key element in your crisis communications plan.  Be it real-time communication, dealing with public relations nightmares or improving your customer service, social media is extremely effective.  Teaming with a social marketing agency is also a great way to gain expertise and take some of the workload off your staff.

Social Media Advertising allows you to take advantage of the social media platform’s algorithm to target specific members of your target audience with paid advertising.

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Operation Reputation Social Media

Let a Social Marketing Agency Integrate your Website, Traditional and Social Media

“Many companies make a serious mistake by managing social media as a do-it-yourself project.  If your competition is paying a professional to manage and grow their business on social media, why wouldn’t you?”

  • We work with you to create professional posts that reflect your brand.
  • We manage and respond to comments and complaints.
  • We know that all social media platforms aren’t the same for your business.
  • We help you create a social media strategy and avoid social media meltdowns

Six Steps to your Success
with our Social Marketing Agency

1. Schedule a Call

Are you growing revenues, improving reviews and increasing market share? If the answer is "no," schedule a call. A call is your first step in reaching your goals and there's no obligation.

2. Define Goals and Target

What do you want to accomplish, who is your target market, where are they and how do you reach them?

3. Create a Plan

Now that we know what your goals are and who you need to reach, we'll draw out a plan and budget of how to achieve your goals.

4. Launch Measure & Learn

With a plan in place, we launch and learn. Using a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we measure our progress and make adjustments with our goals in sight.

5. Test and Optimize

Now that our campaigns are in place, it's time to test. A/B or multivariat testing allows us to test different versions or variations of messaging and make improvements.

6. Next Steps

Considering the success of our initial efforts, what are the next steps in reaching your goals? Let's repeat successes and learn from failures. ​

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