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"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." - Warren Buffet

Have you looked at the results of a search engine query for your company?  How do they look?  For example, if you have good reputation management (which includes reputation marketing) you’ll find the first page of search engine results will include favorable reviews, your company website, your social media sites and perhaps a couple of great blog posts.  Each of these pieces of content provide prospective clients with positive proof to do business with you.  Conversely, if you have reputation management problems you’ll find negative reviews, competitor sites or even negative postings on sites like Rip Off Report.  In either case, reputation marketing allows you to gain as much control as possible over what prospective clients are finding online.

Operation Reputation helps you by:

1.  Monitoring search engine results and discovering what potential clients find.  Our goal is to ensure the first page results are favorable to your business and reputation.

2.  Set-up search engine advertising to position your business and share the message of your choice.  As a result, your company is purchasing prime search engine positions with advertising.

3.  Manage content and your content calendar to push organic messages onto search engine results.

4.  Managing online reviews across review platforms like Yelp and Google.  This includes thanking clients for good reviews and taking positive actions for clients with negative reviews.  Reviews are responded to within 24 hours. 

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Online Review Management - It's Easy as Three Steps!

Review Management Operation Reputation - Managing your Reputation Management

Customer Outreach

It all starts with an email or SMS message. Our online review management platform makes the initial contact with your client to solicit feedback on their experience with your business. You enter their email and we do the rest. It’ just that easy!

Online Review Management

Testimonial Widget

Our testimonial widget makes gathering reviews for your website easy to acquire and manage. Simply place our widget on your website and your customers will provide testimonials and reviews that will help grow your business.

Review Management Customer Reviews and Reputation

Encourage Reviews

Customers will be asked to provide your business with an online third party review. This step offers direct links to your Google reviews, Facebook page and dozens of other review sites so they can easily review your business.

Review Management Operation Reputation Online Review

How To Manage
Your Reputation Management Progress

To manage your online review management progress you must measure and report.  Operation Reputation allows you to review and manage your reputation results on one platform.  Your online reputation is optimized by multiple levels of feedback, promotion of positive online reviews and an easy-to-manage dashboard that can be scaled from 1 to over 1,000 locations.

  • Customer Reporting – Our reports offer easy views into your Net Promoter Score, customer feedback, online reviews and more.
  • Online Review Monitoring – We monitor online review sites and alert you to new reviews posted on your business so you can respond.
  • Tiered Reporting – Report on one, dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations with our flexible labels and filtering for valuable data 

Six Steps to your Success

1. Schedule a Call

Are you growing revenues, improving reviews and increasing market share? If the answer is "no," schedule a call. A call is your first step in reaching your goals and there's no obligation.

2. Define Goals and Target

What do you want to accomplish, who is your target market, where are they and how do you reach them?

3. Create a Plan

Now that we know what your goals are and who you need to reach, we'll draw out a plan and budget of how to achieve your goals.

4. Launch Measure & Learn

With a plan in place, we launch and learn. Using a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we measure our progress and make adjustments with our goals in sight.

5. Test and Optimize

Now that our campaigns are in place, it's time to test. A/B or multivariat testing allows us to test different versions or variations of messaging and make improvements.

6. Next Steps

Considering the success of our initial efforts, what are the next steps in reaching your goals? Let's repeat successes and learn from failures. ​

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