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Get More Online Reviews, Improve Client Satisfaction and Grow Revenues!

By using our feedback platform and automating requests to your clients for feedback and reviews,  we will help you gather and distribute reviews to over 45  of the most popular review sites.  Additionally our platform: 

  • Improves your SEO with positive first party reviews (feedback & testimonials)
  • Builds trust and converts new customers by growing positive third party online reviews
  • Uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) to better measure client satisfaction
  •  Alerts you to poor customer experiences so you can follow-up and correct them 
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    “With our platform, you can manage your customer experience, feedback and online reviews with ease. Everything in one affordable platform.”

    A Simplified Feedback Flow 

      1.  Request Feedback         2.  Post Positive Reviews          3.  Address Negative Feedback

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