Ready for a Crisis? Crisis Management by Operation Reputation

What’s involved in a crisis communications planning? Bad news travels fast.  News channels, websites, social media and blogs depend on your company’s misfortune  to retain viewers and drive advertising revenues.  This Crisis Communications Planning infographic provides an outline of some of the steps your company should take to be prepared for crisis.  Has your operation developed… Read More

Respond to Every Review From a Customer, Negative and Positive

The below is a great example of how a multi-unit business manages it’s online reviews to improve client relations by partnering with a specialist like Operation Reputation. Operation Reputation Founder Dick McNeely, commenting to the Business Observer’s Sarasota-Manatee Editor Grier Ferguson in her February 14, 2020 article. Following are excerpts for the article (view complete… Read More

How Do You Get More Customers

How Do You Get More Customers Answer: Manage Your Online Reviews Why Manage Online Reviews? It’s simple; you can get more customers and make your existing customers happier by managing your online reviews.  In other words, prospective customers use online reviews as recommendations in selecting a business! Additionally, existing customers leave reviews, providing you with… Read More

Do consumers read reviews? Five Stats you should see!

Do consumers read reviews? Five Stats you should see! If you don’t think your customers are looking at online reviews, think again.    Your current customers and potential customers do look at your online reviews!  Do consumers read reviews?  Five Stats you should see: 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations 3… Read More

Should Businesses Request Online Reviews From Their Customer? The Top Four Statistics That Say Yes!

You Should be Asking Your Customers for Reviews! There are many reasons why businesses request online reviews from their customers.  For example,  online reviews that are submitted directly to you (first party) or on a third-party platform (think Google) tell your customer that their opinion is important.  Obviously, online reviews tell you what you’re doing… Read More

Responding to Online Reviews – Six Review Personas

Responding to Online Reviews – Six Review Personas By Rick McNeely… Responding to Online Reviews is Important Is your business responding to online reviews?  Consider the following:   “89% of consumers read local businesses’ responses to reviews.” Okay, your customers and potential customers are expecting to see you responding to online reviews.  That said, we’ve created… Read More