Ready for a Crisis? Crisis Management by Operation Reputation

Crisis Communication Planning Infographic Operation Reputation

What’s involved in a crisis communications planning?

Bad news travels fast.  News channels, websites, social media and blogs depend on your company’s misfortune  to retain viewers and drive advertising revenues.  This Crisis Communications Planning infographic provides an outline of some of the steps your company should take to be prepared for crisis.  Has your operation developed a crisis communications plan that allows you to respond to media requests and proactively communicate with shareholders?  Have you identified your crisis management team, clarified roles and practiced scenarios?  If the answer to any of these questions is no, you need to begin today.

Crisis Management Planning

  • Form your crisis communications plan response team?
  • Select stakeholders that require proactive communications and public relations
  • Identify your community (members of the public that deserve proactive communications)
  • Anticipation of scenarios and vulnerabilities
  • Identify spokespeople
  • Identify crisis management training needs
  • Setting up a war room
  • Pre-written responses, talking points and scripts
  • Technology to communicate, monitor and manage information
  • Share the ethics of your crisis communications plan – be honest, prompt and engaged
  • Post crisis management analysis- what was the impact on your business reputation?

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