Why Do Customers Write Online Reviews?

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Why Do Customers Write Online Reviews?

How’s your business doing managing online reviews?  Joining the conversation with clients via online reviews is important, but why do customers write online reviews?  Below are some quick facts:

  • 33% of customers leave a review when the experience was really good or really bad…
  • 25% when the experience was really good
  • 8% to help business/community
  • 6% to help other consumers
  • 5% only when the experience was really bad
  • 4% to inform business 10

Specific reasons for leaving a restaurant review include:

51% of restaurant customers said that service was the biggest reason they would write a bad review, with food quality or taste a distant 2nd with 31.6% 7

69% of diners would leave direct feedback or a review using various channels if asked. You can no longer dictate that they leave it in one certain way. 7

Even with restaurants possibly being the easiest industry to acquire reviews for, over 50% of guests still never write a review. 7

When it comes to online reviews, if you’re not part of the conversation you’re losing business.    Considering the above, why don’t you reach out to your customers and start responding to reviews!  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog  by sending us the form on your right.

Do you need to find a partner
to help with the management of your Reviews?

If you’re not managing your online presence or protecting your online reputation by managing reviews, we would highly recommend you do so.  Ultimately, “Why do customers write online reviews” is not as important as you being a part of the conversation about your business.  The cost of having your in-house team (or an agency) monitor reviews is a great investment.  Of course, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email at rickmcneely@operationreputation.com.

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