Should Businesses Request Online Reviews From Their Customer? The Top Four Statistics That Say Yes!

You Should be Asking Your Customers for Reviews!

There are many reasons why businesses request online reviews from their customers.  For example,  online reviews that are submitted directly to you (first party) or on a third-party platform (think Google) tell your customer that their opinion is important.  Obviously, online reviews tell you what you’re doing right or point out where opportunities exist in your operation.  So, how about some stats that support why you should be asking for reviews?


Here are our top four!

  1. After having a positive experience with a company, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend. 5
  2. Brands can expect their average star rating to increase after emailing buyers a direct link to submit reviews. 6
  3.  69.5%of consumers would take the time to write a review or give feedback if asked by a restaurant server or manager and prefer to leave it via: 

    24.4% Comment card
    20% Restaurant website or app
    19.8% Online review site
    5.3% Text message 7

  4. 57% of buyers expect a business to have more than 11 reviews 3

Considering the above, why don’t you reach out to your customers and start the conversation!  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog by sending us the form on your right.  Again, should businesses request online reviews from their customers… YES!

Do you need to find a partner to help with the management of your Reviews?

If you’re not managing your online reputation or allocating marketing budget to reputation marketing, we would highly recommend you do so.  The cost of having your in-house team (or an agency) monitor your presence and make ongoing efforts is a great investment.  Of course, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email at

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