How to Handle Negative Reviews in Four Steps!

How do you manage negative reviews online?  Operation Reputation shares four easy steps to respond to negative online review in this infographic.  Questions, we’d love to hear from you …click here

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How to Handle Negative Reviews in Four Steps!

It’s critical to respond to online reviews within 24 hours.  Follow this easy checklist and you’ll retain more clients, acquire new clients and increase revenues.

Step 1:  Take a look at the review.

  1. Read the review
  2. Remain empathetic
  3. Solicit input from team
  4. Consider solution for client
  5. Move to step 2

Step 2:  Respond to the review.

  1. Write response
  2. Keep it brief
  3. Apologize, but no blame
  4. State your service goal
  5. Respond within 24 hrs.

Step 3:  Direct Communications with the client.

  1. Speak or email with client
  2. Reflect the client’s concerns
  3. Apologize again
  4. Propose solution to client
  5. Deliver solution to client

Step 4:  Follow up with the client.

  1. Follow up with the client
  2. Thank again for business
  3. Has experience improved
  4. Will they write follow-up
  5. Final thank-you

What are you waiting for?  Start managing negative reviews today!

Of course, if you are short on staff or time… Operation Reputation is available to handle your reviews on time and every time!

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