How About a Mobile App to Manage a Crisis?

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Does your company have a Crisis Communications Plan? 

I’ve worked in companies where we had a comprehensive Crisis Communications Plan and practiced the plan on a regular basis.  After the practice scenario we would assemble as a team and review our performance, noting the areas we needed to improve or enhance.  We even held surprise crisis drills!  As a team we knew the importance of this plan and these rehearsals served as a reminder of the critical role each team member played in managing a crisis.  As an education company we were committed to our students, instructors and team members to provide professional and comprehensive response to any emergency.  Several times a year our team was tested by an actual crisis and our response was always excellent.

Conversely, I’ve worked at companies that said they had a Crisis Communications Strategy, but I never saw it.  Considering at one of these companies I was the V.P. of Communications, it was very concerning!  When we faced an emergency the result was an ad hoc huddle of an assortment of managers who honestly, “made it up as the situation unfolded.”  

So is your company ready?

Using a mobile app might be your solution! 

A mobile app to help manage your organization might be the answer.  Consider these points: 

  1. The app provides immediate access to the plan (no notebooks, or lost documents)
  2. Considering everyone has a smart phone, the app provides an immediate communications platform (a crisis will very likely occur outside of office hours or when team members are traveling)
  3. The app should provide access to your document library, allowing communication to be created and shared quickly
  4. The app will ensure all team members have the tools and are in communications to formulate a correct and timely response

Want to check out an example of a mobile app?  Click here to take a look at RockDove Solutions or check out Operation Reputation 


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