Congratulations – Reputation Killer of the Week! Papa John Schnatter –

Papa John’s Founder Winner of Week One Reputation Killer

Operation Reputation announces the launch of its first Reputation Killer of the Week award! Our first recipient is Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter. As the face of the brand, Schnatter’s bad behavior will lead to a new branding campaign at Papa John’s.

Let’s take a quick look at the highlights leading to the demise a major brand, Papa John’s Pizza:

November 2017: Schnatter blames the NFL anthem protests for tanking Papa John’s sales.

December 2017: Schnatter resigns as Chief Executive Officer (stays on as Chairman).

February 2018: Papa John’s is replaced as the official pizza of the NFL by Pizza Hut.

July 2018: Schnatter uses the n-word on a public relations training call.

July 2018: Schnatter resigns from the University of Louisville board.

July 2018: MLB ends its “Papa Slam” promotion.

July 2018: Schnatter resigns as Chairman of Papa John’s.

July 2018: Schnatter throws Colonel Sanders under the bus! (THE COLONEL!)

July 2018: Colonel Sanders’ grandson call Schnatter a weasel!

July 2018: Examples of the “bro” culture at Papa John’s are running rampant.

But don’t take our word for it!