How GDPR Will Change the Way You Approach Marketing

Whether you’re an international company or domestic marketer, GDPR will change the way you approach marketing.

Gone are the days of pointing our marketing automation cannons and blasting out millions of unsolicited emails on the consuming public. Regardless of the caliber and reach of our marketing tools, the days of spray and pray are numbered.  GDPR will change the way you approach marketing.  Along with a general cleaning of our databases, sales and marketing departments will have to improve both inbound and outbound campaigns. While the name may not be the same, our current climate will dictate that domestic marketers work under some form of data protection for the American consumer.

Something to consider: Brooklyn-based agency Huge Inc., found “38% of Americans are ignoring emails requesting re-consent and 28% are using them as an opportunity to unsubscribe.” As permission and consent are a major pillar in GDPR it’s easy to see the immediate impact this will have on our precious marketing databases. Additionally, GDPR mandates complete transparency in our marketing efforts to both clients and prospects alike. Prospecting via reverse IP tracking, reactivation campaigns that bring the deceased leads back to life and some lead scoring elements will in many cases require permission. In short, it’s going to be much more challenging to reach new clients.

These changes aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Considering the dismal performance marketers experience in cold campaigns; isn’t it time we stop beating a dead horse? Our new-found focus on responsible data usage will require we prune the databases back and give the consumer’s inbox a break. We will need to stretch as marketers and explore additional marketing opportunities such as native contextual advertising, while refining the creation of compelling content. Excellent inbound and outbound marketing, paired with smart technology, will not only benefit the marketer but also the consumer.

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