FedEx Driver Arrested – Do you Have a Crisis Communications Plan?

Crisis Communications Plan Fed Ex Driver Proves Why You Need a Crisis Communications Plan!

Why might your company need a Crisis Communications plan?  Employees can surprise you, as did this FedEx driver.  Its important to have a crisis communications plan and share it with your team.

FedEx Driver Arrested

FedEx driver arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.  How would your company respond if something similar happened to one of your employees.    Another great reason why Operation Reputation recommends you have a  plan.  People do the unexpected be prepared!

Eight Steps to a Crisis Communications Plan

We’ve developed a great infographic which provides an overview of how to set up your plan.  Employees and other surprises happen!  Be sure you’re ready to meet the press and community with an honest and ethical response.

  1. Form your Crisis Communications team
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Anticipate scenarios
  4. Identify spokespeople and practice
  5. Share your narrative and talking points
  6. Have technology in place to monitor and communicate
  7. Share the plan with your team
  8. Post event analysis


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