Logan Paul…An Influencer who Stays True to his Brand…But What About YouTube’s Brand?

While we agree that the recent posting of Logan Paul’s “Suicide Video” from Japan is a great example of why YouTube should increase its editorial oversight, we also believe that Logan Paul has accomplished his primary objective – gaining viewership regardless of how tacky, insensitive or tasteless his content.  Obviously, it’s these pillars that define his brand.

The compilation Logan Paul video posted here by We the Unicorns is proof that while JackAss was funny fifteen years ago, Logan Paul and others have been provided by YouTube with a platform to monetize brands with zero oversight and broad availability to any audience on the Internet.

Time will tell if his mea culpa video is sincere, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see him continue to be true to his goal of “pushing boundaries” and building his brand.  Maybe a better question is:  What will YouTube’s response be?  How will enabling or partnering with influencers such as Mr. Paul impact the YouTube brand?

Operation Reputation