How are you managing negative online reviews?  Can you turn a negative review into a public relations victory? 

Image Credit: Kevin Fujii/John Howie Restaurants How do you respond to negative reviews?  Do you have to apologize to every negative review,  or can you respond honestly and engage your audience in the conversation?  Chef John Howie of Bothell, Washington, provides a great example of how to manage reviews (take a look at his review review… Read More

Equifax Response to Massive Data Breach: How do you say I’m sorry to 143 Million Americans?

“Equifax will not be defined by this experience, but rather how we respond.” –Rick Smith, Chairman and CEO of Equifax So how has Equifax initially responded to this incident?  In an effort described as tone deaf, out of touch, inappropriate, canned and corporate – Equifax put forth an obviously  packaged crisis communications response to a… Read More