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Who is Operation Reputation?

"Operation Reputation helps companies just like yours improve online reputations and grow revenues by getting more online reviews and most importantly joining the conversation about your brand!

We monitor the sites you select on a daily basis to detect new online reviews. Reviews are displayed on one centralized dashboard, making response and management easy! Email notifications are sent and all of your review data is captured in our system so you can learn, report, and respond. We offer over 35 sites to choose from.

Choose from Full-Service Management or a Self-Management package.
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Benefits of
Managing Online Reviews
With Operation Reputation

-Grow your revenue and marketing by impacting SEO and social proof

-Reduce negative reviews by making feedback easy for your customers

-Save time and money with a simple, robust and actionable solution

Monitor and Manage reviews
on sites like Google

We monitor the sites you select on a daily basis to detect new online reviews.  Reviews are displayed on one centralized dashboard, making response and management easy!

Email notifications are sent and all of your data is captured in our system so you can learn, report, and respond. We offer over 35 sites to choose from.

Operation Reputation Review Platforms Monitor Listening
Operation Reputation Social Media

Full-Service Management
& Self-Management Packages

Concierge Management:  While others offer only a technology solution, we offer full-service review management with comprehensive monthly reporting and technology.

Centralized Review Management and Reporting:  Reviews are managed and responded to in a centralized location.

Multiple Location Review Management:  Multiple locations are no problem.  View all your locations in one dashboard. 


Technology That Helps You Get More Reviews!

Automated Emails That Ask For Feedback

Online Reputation Management by Operation Reputation Request for Review

Software that makes it simple to
Reach Out to Customers!

  • Automated Requests and Reminders for Reviews
  • Branded to Your Business for a Professional Look
  • Request 1st and 3rd Party Reviews
  • Reviews Provide Social Proof That Your Business is the Right Choice for Consumers
  • Simple to use Interface Allows Your Business to Ask for Reviews and get Reviews

Ask for the Right information from clients

NPR Scores/Feedback
to Grow Your Business

  • Generate NPR scores (Net Promoter) and measure customer satisfaction
  • Use Voice of Customer (VOC) to identify strengths and opportunities
  • Make it Easy for customers to engage with you

Automated Survey Questions Make Gathering Information Easy!

Online Review Management by Operation Reputation Screen Shot

Manage All Customers
and Multiple Accounts
on One Easy Dashboard!

Operation Reputation Review Dashboard

Review, Reply and manage
from one dashboard

  • Customer name and location  

  • NPS Score & 5-Star Rating Score

  • Customer Feedback Content

  • Respond To Customer, View Profile, Add To Review Widget

  • High Powered Filtering System To View The Data And Actions How You Want

Get More and Better Reviews!

If you had the opportunity to manage, or at least have a voice in a conversation about your business, would you do it?  How about if that conversation was taking place on a stage in front of a full theater?   Of course you would!  We help companies just like yours get more online reviews, better online feedback and most importantly join the conversation about your brand!

The fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  Many times online reviews are emotionally driven and will influence potential customers to either visit your business or go somewhere else.  That said, many businesses do not respond to reviews.  As a result, both good reviews and bad reviews are left to stand on their own.  A permanent report card about your business.   Read more…..

Build Your Online Reputation

“By providing transparency in services and excellence in delivery, Operation Reputation is both a revenue generating partner and champion of optimizing our client’s online reputation.”

Simply stated, Operation Reputation is a marketing agency that helps you manage your online reviews and build  your online reputation via technology, advertising, public relations and social media – all while growing your business. By creating a strategy that aligns with your business goals and budgets, we offer a customized and affordable solution.     

"With a strategic point of view, Operation Reputation's public relations experience is excellent in shaping just the right message. Their strong public relations foundation has huge impact on managing online reviews and reputation management."​
Director of Marketing

Online Review Mgmt.

Many companies fear receiving negative feedback. Operation Reputation provides proven automation and public relations services, helping you manage customer feedback and generate online feedback. Operation Reputation helps your business reach out to customers regarding their experience. Most importantly, we provide you with customer feedback improving…. ….more

Public Relations

At Operation Reputation we realize that it’s the combined mix of messaging across all communications that creates an effective public relations strategy.  In other words, our job at Operation Reputation is managing how your business represents  itself  to your clients, fans and community.  We also realize that the “new” public relations is not what it was several years ago  ….more

Social Media

Social media provides your business with the ability to engage with your community in a meaningful relationship.  Targeting clients via social media advertising has proven to provide an excellent return on your marketing dollars while establishing your business and reputation. Social media provides real-time communication and is a key to reaching the right people at the right time. ….more

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